Boston Votes in Most Diverse City Council in History

Women will be in the majority in Boston's new city council, as will people of color.

"Let's cut right to it: women made history tonight," tweeted Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell after Tuesday night's election. "For the first time, we'll have a council that is majority women, and the most diverse in history."

Julia Mejia, aiming to become the first Latina on council, squeaked out a 10-vote win for an at-large seat.

Her opponent has asked for a recount.

"I think that the diversity doesn't just end with race and ethnicity," said Mejia. "I also look at socioeconomic status and class. I grew up in a life of poverty, I'm a single mom and I'm struggling to make ends meet out here."

Seven of the 13 city council members will be people of color when the new council takes office.

Eight of the council members will be women.

"I think it means that a lot more young women are going to grow up thinking that this is an option, and I think our civic leadership will only be better when everybody sees people in positions of power who look like them," said Kenzie Bok, who won in District 8.

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