Boston Woman Becomes Temporary Millionaire After Mix-Up

The accidental, momentary millionaire said she considered quitting her job and paying her student loans, but called her bank back to let them know she was the wrong recipient

For a few minutes, a Boston woman says she was a millionaire.

Ellen Fleming said she received a voicemail from a TD Ameritrade financial consultant Wednesday afternoon that a deposit had been made into her account.

"I checked the account and it had over a million dollars in it," Fleming said.

The 26-year-old opened the company's app on her cellphone and was surprised to find $1.1 million, instead of the $50 that she had left a few months ago.

"My first thought was, 'Oh! I've never seen that before,'" Fleming said. "Then it was 'I really hope this is mine.' And then the third thought was, 'There's just no way this is mine.'"

Fleming said she thought about quitting her job and paying her student loans.

"That is such an unreasonable amount of money that I don't even know what I would do with it," she said. "The main thing I was thinking when I saw that was like, 'I could probably leave work early today and go home, maybe get a Starbucks coffee."

Instead, she called the consultant back and informed them of the mix-up.

"I mean, I could never keep that money," she said. "I see like a dollar bill on the ground and I feel like I can't pick it up sometimes. I mean the Irish guilt is real."

Fleming said it turns out the money was meant for a woman with the same name who lives in Florida.

"It's a funny story and it's definitely something I've taken in stride to say I was a millionaire at one point," she said.

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