Boston's Among the Priciest US Cities to Rent or Own a Home Per Square Foot

Boston ranked second in the most expensive cities to own a home

Boston is one of the 10 most expensive places in the United States to rent or buy a home, according to a company that recently crunched the numbers., a moving research and analysis company, looked at the most populous cities to identify the cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment or buy a home per square foot.

Boston ranked as the second most expensive city to own a home, beating out even New York City, with costs averaging $742.20 per square foot. (A whopping total of $742,000!)

Legislators in Massachusetts want to bring back rent control.

The city ranked fifth among the 10 places to rent, with costs averaging $46.50 per square foot. So if you rent a 1,000-square-foot one-bedroom apartment, you could be paying $46,500 a year.

San Francisco topped both lists. To see the full report and how other cities ranked, go to

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