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Brazilian Boy Reunites With Mother at Logan Airport With Help From Federal Lawsuit

Tears, hugs and kisses were abundant overnight Friday as 10-year-old Diego Paixao reunited with his mother at Logan International Airport after being separated from her for weeks.

"I'm happy because I am back with my mom," Diego said.

Paixao’s mother, Sirley Silveria Paixao, sought asylum from Brazil and traveled to the U.S. with permission from the United States Department of Homeland Security, according to a lawsuit filed on her behalf. She passed an initial screening and was deemed as having credible fear in her native country, the lawsuit said.

"I'm very happy that tonight I finally get to sleep with my little baby," Sirley said.

After spending several days in custody, Sirley was released but not given any instruction on when Diego’s release would be. After moving to Massachusetts to be with her relatives, two Boston lawyers filed a federal lawsuit for her to be reunited with Diego. The boy was taken to the Chicago area on May 24.

During spring, the Trump Administration's zero tolerance family separation policy called for parents and children migrating to the U.S. to be separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. On June 20, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to put a halt to the separations.

The mother and son duo said it was difficult to be so far away from each other not knowing when they would next be together. Now that they are together, they will be living in Massachusetts and hope their success at reuniting will inspire others.

"Please continue, there are still a lot of children in these facilities and I really hope they will be released," Sirley said.

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