Break Rock Brewing Plans to Open in Quincy

A new brewery and taproom may be coming to a city that currently has no breweries.

According to a post within the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook group page, Kerry Byrne of KJB Trending Hospitality states that Break Rock Brewing is planning to open in Quincy, with a check on the website for the business saying that they are currently finalizing a location somewhere in the city and that it would "combine the best of the modern taproom with everything you love about your favorite neighborhood pub – a fun and inviting atmosphere, a sense of community, and great beer." If all goes as planned, Break Rock Brewing could be opening sometime in 2020.

The website for Break Rock Brewing says that Quincy is the largest city in New England that does not currently have a brewery.

The website for Break Rock Brewing can be found at

by Marc Hurwitz (Also follow us on Twitter at @hiddenboston)

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