New England

Brighter Days Ahead, Showers Will Return, Marathon Monday Still Looks Wet

The cold start to April rolls on. Without much (or any) sunshine Tuesday, temperatures remained stagnant around 40 degrees.

Parts of the area saw showers and in some cases snow showers. We will clear out and dry out overnight. It will remain rather chilly. Overnight low temperatures will drop into the upper 20s and low 30s.

After a brisk start to our Wednesday morning, temperatures will climb into the upper 40s to around 50 degrees during the afternoon. Without much wind and with the help of some early April sunshine, it will feel pretty good (comparatively speaking).

By Thursday, showers return. Temperatures will climb into the 50s.

Friday will be even warmer. Even though we know a warm up is on the way, it will be a very difficult temperature forecast. There will be a front, which gets hung up across New England. To the north of the front, it will be cloudy and cool. To the south of the front, it will be mostly sunny and warmer. Parts of New England may climb into the 70s if we see enough sunshine.

Saturday is an even more difficult forecast. That front might drop farther south. At this point, it appears the Merrimack Valley could be in the 40s with fog and Coastal Connecticut could be in the 70s with sunshine.

Sunday will be a damp and dreary day with temperatures in the 40s and drizzle.

Monday, for the Marathon, it could be rather nasty. We’re expecting some heavy rain and wind. The heaviest rain now appears to hold off until the afternoon. Finger crossed!

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