Brighter and Warmer Day, Chance of Scattered Showers

The showers are fewer and further between today, but sunshine is limited

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The showers are fewer and further between today, but sunshine is limited. We have a traffic jam in the atmosphere with weather systems moving ever so slowly.

A strong high-pressure system near Nova Scotia is resulting in a low level flow from the east once again today. Higher up in the sky there’s a very warm flow with rich moisture from the south west.

This is all focused on a stalled weather boundary near the south coast of New England. Once again we have showers and storms, but they are mostly on the lighter side, occasionally briefly heavy this afternoon, with temperatures near 70° at the shore and 75 to 80°  well inland.

As the high-pressure system to our east slowly moves off into the ocean, a warmer and more humid air mass will progress in our direction. But there’s still a lot of instability with a chance of overnight showers and thunderstorms tonight. Temperatures holding the 60s, with high humidity and patchy dense fog.

Tomorrow the wind should come around more from the south for most of us, that will help break up the clouds and push the temperature to 80°. But yet another disturbance coming from the west will trigger a few showers and thunderstorms especially west late in the day.

A new front comes in and stalls here Friday into the weekend. It will stay humid with a high temperature in the 80s to near 90° Thursday and Friday with the threat of more widespread heavy thunderstorms. The threat for thunderstorms will only slowly progress toward the south and east as the weekend progresses.

That means we are once again vulnerable to heavy rains and potential flash flooding, along with locally damaging thunderstorms, that starts pretty much later Thursday and continues through the weekend into early next week. I wish we had some better news, but it looks like there’s at least a slight chance for rain just about every day and our first alert 10 day forecast.

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