Brockton Police to Get Aid From Massachusetts State Police in Battle Against Violence

After several days of violence in Brockton, Massachusetts, the Plymouth County District Attorney and Mayor Bill Carpenter are getting proactive.

"These have not been random events," Carpenter said Wednesday. "We know the most effective way to stop any retaliation shootings or stop any more violence is to get that shooter off the street."

Early Monday morning, 26-year-old Stephen Cabral was murdered. Several other people were shot in separate shootings.

Now, District Attorney Timothy Cruz is requesting State Troopers join Brockton Police in patrolling streets. Patrols will be increased, especially on impact shifts, mainly Thursday to Sunday nights.

"When we do that, we are able to get a significant number of individuals off the street which will drive down the gun violence and will take the bad guys and put them where they belong, which is in jail," Cruz said.

In addition, more detectives have been added to Cabral's murder investigation.

"I think that it sends a message that we have responded with additional personnel, and you are going to have to think twice about carrying a gun around in this city," Carpenter said.

The mayor says the additional troopers will focus on high-visibility traffic stops and patrolling areas prone to crime.

"It is what we would call a surge, we are putting a law enforcement surge on right now to send a message that someone has to really think twice before heading out on the street with a gun," Carpenter said.

According to the mayor, gun violence is down 30 percent in the city over the last three years. The hope is that this weekend's "surge" will continue that downward trend.

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