Boston Marathon

Brookline, Mass. Select Board Pushes Back Against BAA

Some select board members say the BAA needs to do more to recognize Native groups if it wants the Boston Marathon to come through Brookline this year

If the Boston Athletic Association wants the Boston Marathon to run though Brookline this year, it'll need to do more to recognize native groups.

Some members of the Brookline Select Board are threatening to stop the annual event from coming through town if the BAA doesn't do more, according to the Boston Globe. This year's race is scheduled on October 11, Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Boston Athletic Association announced in January that this year's marathon would be pushed back from April to October.

In Tuesday's select board meeting, Raul Fernandez, the board’s vice chairman, threatened to vote against the marathon's permit.

The BAA representative at the meeting said the group is still working on ways to address concerns.

“There are some who think this is just bluster, and there’s no way people are going to vote against having the Boston Marathon run through their community — for me, it’s certainly not that,” said Fernandez in an interview. “I absolutely will, and I don’t think I will be the only one.”

The select board isn't the first group to raise concerns about the date of this year's race. Earlier this year, the Indigenous Peoples Day Committee in Newton complained the new day undercuts a day reserved for recognizing the contributions of Native Americans.

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