Brothers Threaten MBTA Bus Driver With Knife for Not Letting Them on Out-of-Service Bus: Police

The alleged incident took place while the MBTA bus driver was parked at the Watertown Square bus yard

Two brothers were arrested Tuesday night after MBTA Transit Police said they threatened a bus driver with a knife because he wouldn't let them board his out-of-service bus in Watertown.

Transit police responded to the Watertown Square bus yard at 11:55 p.m. for a report of two men threatening an MBTA bus driver.

When officers arrived, the bus driver told transit police that his bus had been out of service when he was approached by the men, who allegedly demanded he let them on the bus.

The driver said he refused, at which point the men got angry and attempted to break down the bus door. One man went up to the bus driver's window and allegedly pulled out a knife and further threatened him, the driver told transit police.

The men were later identified as brothers Corey Martell, 31, and Connor Martell, 24, of Waltham. Both men were arrested by transit police.

It's unclear what charges they are facing and when they will be arraigned.

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