Bruins Fans Head to TD Garden for Game 1

It's hard to go anywhere around TD Garden Monday evening without hearing "We want the cup!"

"It's just like really fun because inside the stadium when the game starts the energy is so good. It's like such a good energy like when everyone's cheering, the flag's going around," one fan said.

The Bruins are hoping to bring home their seventh Stanley Cup as they take on the St. Louis Blues in Game 1 of the finals.

"My heart is pounding. I'm super excited. I'm wicked excited because I'm from Boston," another fan said.

There is a line for photos and selfies in front of the Bobby Orr statue outside of the Garden. The statue commemorates the last time the Bruins faced the Blues in the Stanley Cup Final, 49 years ago.

The Bruins swept the Blues then, and fans are hoping they do it again.

"What I'm expecting is what everyone expects- that Boston's going to win this," one fan said.

Blues fans, of course, don't agree.

"I feel a little left out, but it's okay because the Blues are going to win."

The game begins Monday night at 8 p.m.

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