Boston Marathon

Bruins Legend Zdeno Chara to Run This Year's Boston Marathon

Zdeno Chara said he will be running in the Boston Marathon on April 17 -- his first time running an official 26.2-mile course!

Boston Bruins great Zdeno Chara shared some exciting news on Sunday, announcing on his Instagram account that he will be running his very first marathon next month in a city where he's universally loved.

"What better first marathon than the Boston Marathon on April 17th!" he wrote, sharing an old photo of himself posing on the ice alongside some other Boston legends, Dick Hoyt and his son Rick.

Chara revealed that he will be running on Patriot's Day to support The Hoyt Foundation, which he noted has an amazing legacy with the Boston Athletic Association.

Renowned Boston Marathon runner Dick Hoyt, who died in September 2021 at age 80, became an icon of the race for pushing his son in his wheelchair the 26.2 miles dozens of times.

Chara shared in his social media post on Sunday that the Hoyts personally helped motivate the B's to their 2011 Stanley Cup Championship -- in addition to impacting millions of people worldwide.

The former defenseman said he'll also be lacing up his sneakers for The Thomas E. Smith Foundation, calling Tom Smith "one of the most resilient and inspiring stories."

"With his passion and dedication, his foundation continuously helps those affected by and living with paralysis," Chara added.

The 46-year-old posted a donation link to his Instagram account and said he hopes to see people along the course cheering him on as he partakes in the 127th Boston Marathon.

Big Z is one of the best Bruins players of all time. The Slovakia native spent 14 of his 24 seasons in Boston and was consistently a top defenseman in the NHL and a player who displayed unparalleled leadership, commitment and culture.

The future Hall of Famer signed a one-day contract with the Bruins last September to retire in Boston ahead of the 2022-23 NHL season.

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