Brush Fire Danger High Due to Sunny, Dry Weather

Another splendid day is unfolding for New England with plenty of sunshine and dry air.

While the biggest result of this weather setup is a delightful day regionwide, the dry air and an active breeze from the northwest for the first half of the day has driven our brush fire danger to high. This has also released lots of pollen into the air for another day of sniffles and sneezes for allergy sufferers.

Daytime high temperatures will be at about room temperature at either side of 70 degrees both Wednesday and Thursday. Overnight temps will be in the 40s and 50s between.

There will be one big difference between the two days, however: Thursday brings many more clouds and, eventually, raindrops. The culprit is the big storm responsible for recent severe weather in the nation’s midsection, which is now breaking into pieces and sending rounds of atmospheric energy east.

The first energetic disturbance to reach the Northeast arrives Thursday morning with a round of early downpours and thunder, but likely only clips southwest Connecticut as the bulk of the disturbance misses New England to the south.

Thursday afternoon brings the next piece of energy to the Northeast, sparking severe thunderstorms in New York and Pennsylvania. Some of those storms – though likely in weakened form – will arrive from west to east late Thursday into the night.

Showers will be gone by Friday as the aforementioned energetic disturbance spawns a quickly strengthening storm south of Nova Scotia. This will afford some sunshine and a dry wind to start Friday in New England.

It may also possibly turn the wind from the northeast by the afternoon with cooler ocean air and clouds making a run toward the coast. If they arrive, Saturday could dawn gray, but we expect to wait until late day or evening before the next disturbance arrives.

Each time a disturbance moves overhead – late Saturday, Sunday night and again late Monday – the chance of showers or thunder is elevated but also should keep moving along.

While the holiday weekend forecast isn’t devoid of showers, it’s a nice looking forecast in our exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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