Burlington Woman Arrested for Threatening 2 Teens Over Beach Fire, Police Say

The 47-year-old woman was arrested for aggravated assault after allegedly threatening the teenage boys

A woman in Burlington, Vt. has been arrested for threatening two teenage boys on a public beach, authorities said.

Around 9:30 p.m. Friday evening, Burlington Police say they received a call from the teenagers, 16 and 17 years old. They said a woman who earlier asked them to leave the beach had pointed a shotgun or rifle at them as they sat near a small fire. She allegedly appeared intoxicated and swore at them, claiming she was an officer.

One of the boys said he immediately ran away, while the other got down on the ground and asked what she wanted. She aggressively told him to get off the beach, and in doing so he left his shoes and other things behind, according to Burlington Police.

The boys' shoes were later found in the remains of the fire, police say.

Officers determined the woman, 47-year-old Karlotta Isham, lived in a house near Leddy Park. She seemed to corroborate what the boys said, according to police. Officers also found an imitation rifle or pellet gun.

"I’m aware of the frustrations neighbors have regarding after-hours activity in the vicinity of Leddy Park and Leddy Park Beach," Deputy Chief of Operations Jon Murad said. "But neighbors in Burlington cannot take the law into their own hands and threaten people with firearms, imitation or not, over campfires."

Murad said that the police received no calls about fires or any other violation on the beach that night.

Isham was arrested on a charge of aggrravated assault. She will be arraigned on Monday.

The teenagers will be issued tickets for Parks Ordinance 22- 10, Fires Prohibited, Burlington Police said.

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