Bus Crashes Into Utility Pole in Quincy, Knocking Down Wires

Massachusetts authorities are investigating how a Weymouth public school bus crashed into a utility pole in Quincy on Monday morning, knocking down wires in the immediate area.

The 9:30 a.m. crash on Quincy Avenue caused a chain reaction with the pole hitting the top of a vehicle.

The driver, who did not want to be identified, said a good Samaritan helped her escape.

"This nice guy coming out of a pickup truck pulling out of the gas station, so he come over and pulled the door open for me," said the woman.

Witnesses said a vehicle cut the bus off forcing the driver to swerve and crash, sending half of the pole to land right on top of the bus. The driver of that vehicle then sped off, according to witnesses.

In the process, the pole and live wires came down on top of two other vehicles.

Only the driver was inside the bus at the time. He managed to escaped out the back door.

"He jumped off the bus. He was coming to the back and they open the door, I saw that. It's good there was no one hurt," said witness Mohamed Rafi.

No injuries were reported.

The crash however, caused a mess on Quincy Avenue that was still being cleaned up into the afternoon. Power was also out in the immediate area.

"Inconvenience on a Monday morning," said Sherwin Miller, who lost his power. "Nobody likes that kind of thing. But at the same time you look at it, and that’s going to take more than just a few minutes."

The exact cause of the crash remains under investigation. Anyone with information is urged to contact Quincy Police.

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