Calif. Couple Pleads Guilty in College Cheating Admissions Scheme

Federal prosecutors allege the California couple spent some $600,000 to get their daughters into UCLA and USC

Two parents charged in the nationwide college admissions cheating scandal pleaded guilty Wednesday in Boston federal court for their participation in the scheme.

Bruce Isackson, a California real estate investor, and his wife Davina, pleaded guilty to paying $600,000 in bribes to get their daughtes into university. The duo are one of 13 parents who have agreed to plead guilty. They struck a cooperation agreement for their charge.

One of the couple's daughters, Lauren, posed as a soccer player to get recruited into the University of California, Los Angeles in 2015. Lauren Isackson had never played competiveitly and the tactic was used by other parents.

The couple also used the bribe to get another daughter into the University of Southern California.

"Our duty as parents was to set a good example for our children, and instead we have harmed and embarrassed them by our misguided decisions,'' the Isacksons said in a statement to the 'Today' show.

Bruce Isackson is now facing three to four years in prison while his wife faces a sentence of up to three years.

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