Danvers High School

Calls to Remove Danvers Superintendent After Reported Hockey Team Hazing

Three investigations have been conducted, Danvers School Committee members said Monday, but no one has been held accountable for the alleged misconduct

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Calls for Danvers community leaders to resign are growing louder over an alleged attempt to cover up bigoted locker room behavior by the 2019-2020 boys varsity high school hockey team.

During a contentious Danvers School Committee meeting Monday night, community members questioned why nothing has been done since a hockey player first reported being abused about a year and a half ago.

A Boston Globe article published over the weekend accused town leaders of covering up the alleged misconduct by the team, whose coach was a prominent Danvers police sergeant. He has denied knowledge of the incident and since resigned.

Some of this “behavior” was physical, during what is being reported as weekly locker-room hazing rituals, the Globe reported. There were also offensive language reportedly exchanged over group texts, making reference to the holocaust and mocking an image of a Black Danvers High student, suggesting he was being lynched.

Three investigations have been conducted, school committee members said Monday, but no one has been held accountable for the alleged misconduct. During the public comment period of the meeting, there were calls to change that, including repeated calls for Superintendent Lisa Dana to resign.

“The hockey players, they’re young. They make mistakes. Things happen. But what I think these kids really deserve is a fresh start. A few adults in this room have to take responsibility. Give these kids the second chance they deserve, be honorable, and resign. This is embarrassing.”

The committee is scheduled to hold another meeting in executive session Monday to discuss the motion to remove the superintendent from her position.

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