Cambridge Holds Unity Rally in Wake of Charlottesville Violence

More than 1,000 people turned out Monday evening on the steps of City Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a unity rally following the deadly weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The message of "Cambridge Stands with Charlottesville" means the city does not stand for the intolerance and fear that was shown over the weekend in Virginia.

Mayor E. Denise Simmons said the tragic events "make you worry about the society we are becoming."

The Quest-Neubert family said they were turning this weekend's tragedy into a teaching moment for their children, Harper and Elijah.

"It's really important to us that they use the power that they have to fight for what is right and make a positive change in the world," said Jo Quest-Neubert.

In nearby Waltham, a similar rally was held on their common.

"I think it's important to stand for what you believe in," said Francelle who lives in Waltham.

The Quest-Neubert family said it's important for their children to learn right from wrong and it’s in rallies like this where they see unity and solidarity for themselves.

"They're growing up with this understanding so hopefully they can make change in the world," said Melissa Quest-Neubert.

Cambridge is not the only city taking a stand against violence.

"We don't standalone. Boston, Detroit, New York, Newburyport. Cities across the country are saying this is not the way we are," Simmons said. "This is not America being great. This is America being abysmal."

Simmons said she plans to sit down with other city leaders to come up with a game plan for this Saturday when a free speech rally is scheduled to be held on Boston Common, in case of potential violence.

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