Cambridge Officials Seek to Ban City Travel on United After Dragging Incident

Officials in Cambridge, Massachusetts, are trying to ban employees from using public funds to fly on United Airlines after a passenger was dragged off a flight in Chicago.

The Cambridge City Council passed a proposal Monday asking the city manager to ban official city travel on the airline so long as there are alternative options.

United came under fire when a video showed airport police drag a passenger down the aisle and off a plane this month after he refused to give up his seat to make room for an airline employee. United CEO Oscar Munoz has since apologized.

Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons told NBC Boston the proposal is very clear cut.

"We don't want to spend city funds on an airline that has these practices and methods of operation that we think are poor treatment of individuals," said Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons. "We were really disappointed in the behavior of the treatment of a paying patron at the hands of the airline."

Council members say United "does not reflect Cambridge's values."

Cambridge resident Paula Rothman says the proposed ban sends a strong message.

"I’d rather have a government that takes a stand and will fight for something where it can than a standard government that doesn’t," Rothman said.

The airline says it no longer allows crew members to displace passengers who are already seated.

The Cambridge city manager will now have to decide if he will follow through with the council's proposal.

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