Car Crashes Into Milford Subway, Seriously Hurting Man Eating There

It's unclear how many people were inside the Subway when the car crashed inside or the extent of the person's injuries

A car smashed into a Subway restaurant in Milford, Massachusetts, Monday afternoon, sending a man who'd been eating there to a hospital, police said.

Photos taken by Emad Attia, who works next door and shared on social media, showed the red Sedan all the way inside the restaurant, which is at a shopping plaza on Prospect Street.

"Like boom, strong, it was very strong," Attia recalled.

A woman in her 40s was driving when the crash happened at about 1 p.m., according to Milford police.

Police say the victim had a hand injury and a serious injury to his leg, which caused him to lose a lot of blood. A person at the Subway was able to apply pressure until police arrived and applied a tourniquet.

"I saw the car already inside the store, and one guy he already on the floor – in shorts, heavy bleeding, someone tried to give him first aid," Attia said.

The man in his 40s, who has not been identified, was then taken to an area hospital where he is expected to survive.

The driver was not hurt, but police said she was confused as to how the crash could have happened.

"She said there was an issue with her brakes, other than that we really don't know," Milford Police Sgt. Robert Tusino said. "The recon team is here, they're going to reconstruct the scene as well as go through the car and check it for any deficiencies or malfunctions."

Authorities say they're hoping a surveillance camera in the building can help them in their investigation. The car has since been towed away from the scene.

The incident comes a day after a woman, allegedly drunk, drove into a pizza shop in Rockland, starting a fire.

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