Police: Man Shot Before Crashing Into Gas Station

The incident happened at a gas station on Boston Street

Police in Lynn, Massachusetts say a man was shot before crashing into a gas station Monday morning, causing serious damage.

A 23-year-old man was shot while driving up Federal Street — causing him to careen into a repair shop on Boston Street.

Police say it happened just after midnight near the Lido Café.

The maroon Honda nearly entirely inside one of the service bays at the A-L Prime Gas Station and repair shop.

The car narrowly missed the gas pumps.

The force not only destroyed the garage door but also caused damage to the building, with cement blocks crumbled.

Gas station owner Nasser Buisier said he's thankful the outcome wasn't worse.

"I'm very thankful nobody got hurt and I'm thankful that person that hit the wall didn’t pass away. He’s very lucky to be alive," Buisier said.

The driver, who is from Lynn, was rushed to Mass General Hospital where he is in serious but stable condition.

Investigators trying to figure out if this shooting was connected to another that happened around the same time.

That victim took himself to Salem Hospital but is not cooperating with police.

Workers at the gas station are just happy that it happened when the repair shop was closed.

Police said shortly after the crash, another man walked into the same hospital with a gun shot wound. Investigators are now trying to see if the two incidents are connected.

No one has been charged at the time.

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