Close Call as Car Slams Into Mattapan Living Room

Boston police say there are no injuries

A car crashed into a Mattapan home early Sunday morning.
NBC10 Boston/NECN

There's a gaping hole in a Massachusetts house and debris all over the lawn after a car crashed into the home's living room early Sunday morning.

Residents of the multi-family home in Boston's Mattapan neighborhood say the car all of a sudden crashed into their living room around 3:30 a.m.

The woman driving the car got out after the crash and appeared to be in decent condition but did leave in an ambulance, residents tell NBC10 Boston and NECN.

Boston police say there are no injuries.

A neighbor who lives upstairs and was home at the time of the crash says it sounded like a bomb went off because the entire house shook.

Residents, including George Stoddard who lives on the third floor, were evacuated for a period of time Sunday, having to wait outside in the cold while officials assessed the damage.

A cat was reported missing after the crash and residents feared it may be dead, but the cat has since been found.

It's not clear what led to the crash.

Inspectional services responded to the home.

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