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MGH Surgeon Accused of Drunken Driving, Striking Pedestrians

Dr. Michael Watkins, lead vascular surgeon at Mass General Hospital, is accused of driving drunk and purposely hitting three people as they were crossing the street in the South End last Friday night.

Police said it happened at the the corner of Columbus Avenue and Clarendon Street.

Watkins allegedly did not stop.

A detective located the surgeon, still driving his Lexus, a few blocks from the scene and pulled him over.

According to police, officers could smell alcohol on his breath.

His blood alcohol content was measured at .11.

Prosecutors said Watkins told officers had just left a restaurant where he had three glasses of whiskey.

According to one witness, Watkins was at a full stop when he beeped his horn at the three crossing the street.

She said he then accelerated and hit the group before taking off.

For the last 18 years, Watkins has been the chairman of Mass General's Vascular Department.

He is also an associate professor at Harvard Medical School.

His defense team argued Watkins was honking his horn at the car in front of him, not at the group of people.

Watkins has no criminal history and will be back in court at the end of July.

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