Cat Trapped in Wall Rescued by Hyannis Firefighters

The feline was stuck in a tight space with no room to move or turn around

"Phoebe" the cat was rescued by the Hyannis Fire Department on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020 after becoming stuck in the void of a wall.
Hyannis Fire Department

Hyannis firefighters made an unusual rescue Thursday when they freed a pet cat that was trapped in a hole in a wall.

Crews said the cat's owners tried to lure the pet from the space but soon noticed she wasn’t able to turn around in the tight space. Pictures of the rescue effort show the cat, named Phoebe, wedged into a 6-inch hole in the corner of a room.

Firefighters decided that creating an opening in the drywall of the adjacent apartment would be the best way to save Phoebe.

Once the purr-fect plan was devised, crews worked carefully to free the feline.

A photo posted by the Hyannis Fire Department showed one firefighter smiling and holding Phoebe after the ordeal was over.

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