Centenarian: ‘I'd Love to Meet Tom Brady' for 106th Birthday

A soon-to-be-106-year-old Boston woman has made a homemade video with one special birthday wish -- a visit from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

"As a surprise for my birthday, I'd love to meet Tom Brady, Patriots star," Elinor Downs said.

NBC Boston caught up with Downs, otherwise known as "Fuzzy" at the Springhouse Senior Living Community.

She says she knows Brady and his family live right down the street.

"After all, they're just neighbors of ours, live just a mile away. I've never seen him," said Downs.

Downs, who got her lifelong nickname "Fuzzy" for her fuzzy hair at birth, calls herself a Patriots super fan. She says she's watched all the games that Brady's played in, and would just like to meet him and his family in person.

Her family member even believes watching a Patriots game last November may have precipitated one of Downs' strokes.

NBC Boston asked her what she likes most about Brady.

"So vigorous and so strong and I like the way handles adversity," she said.

NBC Boston reached out to the Patriots. They say they've seen Downs' video. They also say this week alone, they got four requests from people aged 100 or older, all asking for Brady to come to their birthday parties.

Still, Downs remains hopeful for her special birthday surprise.

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