Potential Late Week Storm Could Bring Snow to New England

We stepped a little deeper into autumn this past weekend.

For the first time this season, Boston dipped below 40 degrees at night. Sounds like much ado about nothing, but it is part of a larger pattern shift over North America that has scoured the cold out of the West and brought it here to the East.

That being said, the temperatures will moderate back to 60 by Tuesday as a few showers come to town. This isn’t a return to long-term warmth, however. Hot on the heels of the showers is another batch of cool air that will bring the 50s back and set the stage for some possible wintry weather.

Before we get all worked up on scenarios and potential accumulations, it’s important to realize a few things: For one, this storm has been on and off our maps for two to three days now. It appears, then it 12 hours later it disappears.

That calls into question both the track and the intensity of the cold pouring in alongside it. If the cold is overwhelming, the storm will be weak and shunted far off to the southeast – hardly a worry at all. If the cold is just right, we’ll get a stronger storm with potential accumulation.

Also, with ocean water temperatures hovering in the mid-50s this time of year, we have to consider that any wind from the east or northeast will snuff out the chance for snow along the coast.

Plenty of time to sort out the details as we go along. In the meantime, get those leaves cleaned up. If the past years are any gauge, we go right from the first frost to the first snow in a matter of days.

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