Chicken & Rice Guys Set to Reopen Saturday After E. Coli Outbreak

Chicken & Rice Guys locations in the Boston area could reopen this weekend after an E. coli outbreak last week.

Boston health inspectors are scheduled to conduct re-inspections of Chicken & Rice Guys brick and mortar sites at 280 Washington St., 75-81 Harvard St. and 1 Lincoln St. on Saturday.

All business operations for the company, including its three brick and mortar restaurants and three food trucks, were temporarily shut down last week after 15 customers fell ill.

"To date, the owners/operators of the Chicken and Rice Guys are compliant and have given their full cooperation as they work with the Inspectional Services Department and the Department of Public Health," said Lisa Timberlake, spokesperson for the city's Inspectional Services Department.

She said the company has hired a licensed disposal company to remove and discard embargoed food and has also hired a licensed professional cleaning company to clean and sanitize all three establishments. 

Inspectional Services Commissioner William Christopher is expected to be on site at the 280 Washington St. location on Saturday to purchase the first meal of the day pending reinstatement of the health permit.

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