Chilly Temps and Wind for Now, Storm Approaching Friday

Areas of early morning black ice disappeared after wreaking havoc on some highways, but the cold and wind will stay through the day and night as highs in the 30s feel like the teens. Lows in the teens will feel more like single digits overnight.

The new, cold air is also dry, so nearly all of New England will remain snow and rain free the next few days, until a bigger storm approaches Friday. Until then, wind and cold both will both ease as soon as Wednesday, with milder air moving into New England in earnest for Thursday as daily high temperatures rise into the 40s.

The passage of a strong storm over New England Friday will mean heavy rain that may result in localized flooding. Our exclusive, built-in-house forecast system is showing two to four inches of rain, starting after midnight Thursday and lasting into the early hours of Saturday morning.

Along with a tropical tap of moisture will come warmer winds, boosting temperatures into the 50s for at least Southern New England on Friday into Saturday, and ensuring this storm will be warm enough for rain in all of New England. This includes Northern New England which may start as a wintry mix or a period of freezing rain on the front end of the storm.

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Drier air arrives for most of the weekend after Saturday morning, and while a disturbance passes nearby on Christmas Eve Day Monday, at this point there’s not a very high likelihood it strengthens sufficiently to deliver snow. We’ll keep you posted with our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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