City Councilors Reconsidering Increase in Worcester Police Budget After Protest

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Protesters gathered outside City Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts, to voice their opposition to an increase in the police department's budget, and city officials now say they will reconsider their decision.

The demonstrators objected to city councilors' unanimous vote last Tuesday to raise the budget of the Worcester Police Department by $250,000, bringing the total to $52 million.

"A lot of the police department's money goes to paying six-figure salaries for police officers and for paying overtime and detail pay, but somehow, we can't fund our classrooms and teachers got to scramble to get school supplies," one protester said.

As the protesters rallied outside, councilors fielded comments from the public during their meeting before unanimously approving a move to reconsider the budget.

"I feel like we had a huge impact on that," a protester said. "It really means the world to us. It's a step in the right direction, so we'll take it."

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