Clash of Air Sparking Heavy Rain in Region, Possibly Strong Winds

A band of heavy rain is working into southern New England Thursday morning.

To our south, low pressure is strengthening with a surge of warm, humid air crashing into our relatively mild and dry air. The clash will result in heavy rain for a few hours and also the possibility of strong wind coming in from the east and northeast, with gusts past 35 mph near and over the ocean.

It may rain hard for four to six hours as the band moves from south to north, coming ashore by 8 a.m. and moving out of southern New England by 4 p.m. Then, Maine will get the heaviest rain late in the day.

There’s the possibility of a thunderstorm and rainfall rates may briefly exceed 2inches per hour. That may result in flash flooding.

West of the Connecticut River and north of the Merrimack Valley should not be quite as wet, but as the rain arrives we are all chilly. Temperatures may possibly drop into the 50s and even some upper 40s as the rain is most heavy mid-day.

By evening, most of the rain has tapered to showers, with patchy dense fog and drizzle. The temperature should rise Thursday night into the 60s as humidity continues to build.

A weak front from the west will trigger a few showers and possibly a thunderstorm Friday. But it’s not an all day rain. Most of the time it is not raining, but when it does rain it can really pour.

It’s a cool pool of air aloft, with the freezing level coming down to about 7,000 feet. There may even be some small hail, especially in the hills of western and northern New England.

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Low pressure should lift to our north on Saturday, allowing for warmer weather as wind comes in from the southwest. Sunshine will be brightest near the beach, with the clouds thicker west and north where a few showers or a thunderstorm may happen later in the day.

High temperatures 80 to 85 degrees in southern New England, 70s north.

The front settles south a bit on Sunday, so that means a better chance for showers and thunderstorms in central and northern New England, and possibly in the southern New England by late in the day. Highs on Father’s Day in the 70s to low 80s, with a rather high humidity.

It looks like that front is going to stall over New England most of next week, that means bubbling afternoon showers and thunderstorms almost every day. Temperatures averaging in the low 80s south, 70s north.

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