New Hampshire

Classmates ‘in Shock' After Teen Charged With Murder

A man is dead and a woman is in the hospital after police say they were shot by a teenager Wednesday in Farmington, New Hampshire.

Investigators were still parked on Oakwood Road collecting evidence Friday.

Neighbors say the people who live at the home are always firing guns in the backyard, so they never would have imagined that Wednesday's gunshots would lead to death.

Kameron Bradley says he was just at his friend's house a few days ago; with police now blocking the driveway.

"I was just kind of in shock," he said. "He seemed fine when I saw him. Something got into him maybe, he might've snapped or something."

At about noon on Wednesday, police say someone at the home called 911. Responding officers found one man shot to death and a woman alive, but suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office says a juvenile is now charged with second degree murder and attempted murder.

Authorities aren't releasing the teen's name, but his friends say this kind of violence is completely out of character.

"He seemed like a real nice kid, nothing was wrong at home," Bradley said.

"He was very quiet and shy," said Hannah Aubut.

The suspect's classmates at Farmington High School say everyone knows what's going on, though it's hard for anyone to believe.

"I've heard people talking about it, I have seen people getting really upset about it," Bradley said. "It's a shock for the whole town, because things like this don't usually happen."

Authorities have not released the names of the victims and will not confirm the relationship between the victims and the suspect.

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