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Cleanup Begins Following Unforgiving Gusts in Southern New England

Gusts that reached up to 60 mph wreaked havoc across southern New England on Monday as it toppled trees and power lines

Cleanup has started around the region following powerful gusts that slammed New England on Monday and caused power outages, downed trees and toppled power lines.

More than 46,300 Massachusetts customers and 82,850 New Hampshire customers lost power due to the unforgiving wind. The National Weather Service said peak gusts at 60 mph were reported through several parts of Massachusetts on Monday.

Mayhem unfolded due to the gusts and caused trouble for drivers and homeowners, and damage was still being caused on Tuesday morning.

In Wellesley an elderly blind woman recovering from a broken leg was in a Radcliffe Road home when a tree toppled over, causing major damage.

"It looked like Armageddon. It was so incredibly devastating," said the woman's daughter, Debbie Pelles.

Miraculously, Pelles said her 93-year-old mother and caregiver were fine.

"The caregiver, Jenny, was here and helped get my mother out of the danger zone. As long as my mom and Jenny are taken care of and they're not hurt, that's good. This is just structure," Pelles said.

In Waltham, residents were also cleaning up in one neighborhood where a toppled tree was blamed for taking out several electrical wires.

"It was just wind. It was just amazing how much wind can really do to a tree or to a neighborhood," said one resident.

And in Carlisle, neighbors trapped on a dead end street worried about their safety Tuesday morning with live wires on the ground after Eversource arrived 10 hours later.

On Monday during the height of the storm in Clinton parts of a roof blew off from a building as seen on video captured by the Lancaster Fire Department.

A 4-year-old girl and a nanny were faced with a scary situation in Milton when a tree crushed a car they were traveling in. The two were extricated and rescued with the child unharmed. However, the nanny was hospitalized with minor injuries and the girl was taken to an area hospital as a precaution.

In Chelsea, a woman was injured by a toppled traffic light and a piece of metal from a Natick church steeple flew off after dangling for hours.

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