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Clouds Clear to Pleasant, Sunny Tuesday

Tuesday will be the second day of a beautiful stretch of weather. High pressure will keep our weather quiet and sunny through the day on Friday.

Temperatures will be significantly cooler at the coast. A sea breeze will be present each day this week. Even if coastal locations warm into the mid and upper 60s, temperatures will likely drop into the 50s by dinner time.

Thursday night showers will be possible. Most of the clouds and precipitation associated with the system will move through between sunset Thursday and sunrise Friday. It appears, both Thursday and Friday should stay sunny.

Starting Saturday through the following Wednesday, showers will be likely. It will be a challenging temperature forecast for the region. A backdoor cold front will drop south during that period of time.

Temperatures on the cool side of the front will be in the 50s, on the warm side of the front, temperatures will be in the 80s.

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