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Clouds Increase and Give Way to Some Sprinkles

The air today is decidedly different in far southern New England than it is elsewhere (a bit more humid) and this resulted in some south coast fog early in the day. The difference in air comes as the product of a stalled frontal boundary, which will breed fair weather clouds that may yield a few inland sprinkles by day’s end, but the vast majority of us enjoy a day accented by fair weather clouds and comfortable temperatures, coolest at the coast with an onshore, easterly wind.

Of course, a persistent onshore wind adds moisture to the air, so fog is likely to develop overnight as the air cools, particularly in far southern New England and near the south coast, where fog will be especially thick.

Farther inland, a combination of fog and clouds will drift in, taking some time to burn off Thursday morning in communities impacted.

Much of Connecticut and western Massachusetts will have only very limited sun Thursday as clouds lead to developing morning showers that will slowly nudge east during the day after temperatures rise into the 70s for most.

Tropical Depression Alberto, meanwhile, is trudging into Canada to our west but has spread diffuse moisture east, and this moisture will bring both increased humidity and developing showers and thunder on Friday.

As a new, weak storm center develops to our south this weekend, there’s no doubt a cooler, northeast wind will blow — the biggest question is how many showers linger and for how long.

Right now, we’re expecting some morning showers Saturday, and hoping for a trend toward drier weather for most thereafter, though the farther southeast one is, the closer we’ll have to watch the setup. Only modest moderation in temperature is expected next week.

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