Here's What to Expect From the Mother's Day Forecast

It will be rather gray today, but brighter and warmer for Mother’s Day

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We are surrounded by weather systems. There's a storm out over the ocean and there are low pressure systems over New York and Pennsylvania. But right over New England we have a high pressure system center near Maine, responsible for last night's chilly weather, and brighter skies today to the north and east.

But for most of us we are seeing more clouds and sunshine today, and in some cases very little in the way of sunshine. Wind is mostly out of the east and northeast at 10 to 15 miles an hour, off of the 49-degree Atlantic ocean.

We have multiple cloud layers, and the freezing level is pretty low, so that means instability in the atmosphere too.

It all adds up to a mostly cloudy Saturday with a high temperature in the 50s and scattered showers. Some of the showers may be briefly moderate to heavy, and contain small bits of ice, called graupel. 

Drier weather should come in tonight with clearing skies and temperatures falling to the 30s in the colder spots, most of us in the 40s.

We should have more of a breeze from the west and southwest tomorrow, that means warmer air, along with more sunshine than today, that should get us up to the mid 60s, maybe a few spots near 70°. Cooler at the south facing shorelines.

A slow-moving front is going to approach the region from the southwest late tomorrow with clouds increasing in the afternoon and a chance of rain near the south coast by about sunset or so. But for most of us, it looks like a nice Mother’s Day, the best weather probably around brunch time.

Rain likely overspreads southern New England tomorrow night, with a low temperature in the 40s. Rain should lift to the north and east during Monday with drying in the afternoon, but a chilly day with a high temperature in the 40s and 50s.

That low pressure system is going to stall east of Maine sending a brisk northwest wind our way on Tuesday. Some instability showers are possible in Northern New England, where the mountain tops of Vermont and New Hampshire may get coated in a little bit of snow.

We should turn warmer mid week with a good amount of sunshine Wednesday and Thursday back into the 60s.

And then there is the potential for some more wet weather coming our way about Friday or so, as seen in our first alert 10 day forecast.

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