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Hit Or Miss? Coastal Storm Moving North Toward New England

A coastal storm will approach New England this weekend, but the trend to keep most of that storm offshore continues.

The storm is taking shape right now as moisture comes together in the deep south.

Over the next few days, the storm will continue to gather, moving northward towards us Sunday. Its northward progress, however, will be blocked by high pressure sitting in parts of Canada.

The question, of course, revolves around how much of the storm will be suppressed south by that area of high pressure.

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Right now it looks like the vast majority of the precipitation will fail to reach New England. Still, a few snow showers may reach the south coast on Sunday.

With this current thinking, those snow showers would be unlikely to cause many issues. That includes for the Patriots game in Foxborough.

After that, the storm center will continue to pull away on Monday.

It’s critical to remember that we’re still a few days away, so the track of the storm can still change. A slight jog northward would bring more snow to New England. Likewise, a jog south will keep us totally dry.

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