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Coastal System Could Produce Snow Early Next Week

Our final cold day in the current chilly stretch is upon us, and the wind is noticeably lighter than 24 hours ago, meaning wind chill is much less of a factor and to exposed skin, today’s air is less harsh.

A large dome of high pressure, or fair weather, is cresting over the Eastern Seaboard today, delivering dry air for plentiful sunshine and great weather for travel regionally and across much of the nation. As warmer air is propelled northeast on a strengthening wind, some clouds will develop in the clash of outgoing chill and incoming warmth overnight Friday into Saturday, dimming Saturday sunshine from time to time but unlikely to yield any showers until Saturday evening and night.

By that point, southwest winds gusting to 40 mph will have delivered high temperatures around 50 degrees in central and southern New England and 40 degrees in the North Country, ahead of Saturday evening showers of rain and snow north, then Saturday night showers south.

Sunday will dawn dry in Ski Country, meaning two very good days in the north, while southern New England wakes to rain Sunday morning with drying from late morning or midday onward.

A coastal system developing Monday may spread enough moisture northwest of its center to produce some snow in New England Monday afternoon and night. We’ll keep a close eye on that with another quick surge of cold air following the system for midweek. Another up and down cycle of temperatures is likely from week’s end into next weekend in our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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