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Cold Air and Snow Ahead of Weekend Storm

A potent cold front across northern New England, stalled out over southern New England Wednesday night. Nevertheless, it was enough of a cold air mass to issue wind chill advisories for far northern New England that are expiring early Thursday morning.

Temperatures dropped down to the teens and low 20s south, but subzero toward the Canadian border, where wind has been dusting past 25 mph the last few hours.

With a good amount of sunshine Thursday, we are going to see temperatures moderate to the mid-20s south, and single numbers to teens north. There’s a good amount of sunshine with wind decreasing.


In-depth news coverage of the Greater Boston Area.

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A weak area of low-pressure racing across the Midwest will pass south of New England tonight. At the same time will be another arctic cold front moving into northern New England. The two systems will generate periodic light snow late tonight into early tomorrow. There may be a mix with the rain at the south coast. Liquid equivalent is expected to be less about 1/10 of an inch. That means we may see one inch of snow.

But if there is any accumulation, it likely occurs during the morning commute.

Temperatures may go back above freezing for southern New England Friday afternoon with breaks of sunshine. But another cold front comes in at night with temperatures going back down to 0 degrees north in the teens south by Saturday morning.

High pressure moves in with sunshine for the first part of Saturday, temperatures not moving too much, highs in the single numbers in teens north, and 20s south.

The storm that walloped California the last 36 hours is going to move swiftly across the nation arriving on the eastern seaboard Saturday night.

Snow will develop by midnight in western and southern New England becoming heavy almost immediately. That means three to six inches of snow could be on the ground when the sun comes up Sunday. Heavy snow will advance quickly to northern Maine in the morning.

There will be a rain/snow line setting up near the Massachusetts Turnpike. The problem is it may rain with the temperature in the 20s, especially in the state of Connecticut and portions of northern Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There is potential for major ice accretion inland southern New England.

From the Berkshires north through Vermont, most of New Hampshire and Maine- it is an all snow storm. Where it is all snow- 10 to 20 inches are likely.

The amounts may not be as deep in southern New England. It is not an easy task when it snows with the rain and the refreeze. Any snow that’s not removed later Sunday in the wet zone will freeze rock-solid as the coldest air of the season pours in Sunday night.

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Ahead of the storm wind gusts past 50 miles an hour from the south on Cape Cod in the islands, and behind the storm we all have wind gusts past 50 mph, as temperature fall below zero in western and northern New England Sunday night. Wind that strong may also may result in coastal flooding on the front side, and there may be quite a few power outages in that cold air on the backside.

Monday is windy and frigid with a high temperature only in the single numbers above and below zero from south to north.

Moderation is likely Tuesday, but a new series of wintry storms are likely to arrive for the second half of the week.

We will tackle those after we get through with this one.

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