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Cold Air to Bring Another Round of Snow to Some Areas of New England

There’s been an amazing difference in temperature laid out from north to south across the Eastern United States this week and we’ve seen and felt the results here at home.

After record-smashing 70s on Wednesday, accumulating snow fell Thursday and a chilly Friday precedes rain and a mix en route for this evening into the first part of the night.

For most of us, morning sun fading behind increasing clouds will set the stage for plain rain to arrive mid to late afternoon Friday, west to east — but near and north of Concord, New Hampshire, the air will remain cold enough for sleet or in the case of the mountains, a snow to sleet accumulation of 1-3 inches before ending Friday night for areas of fog and steady or slowly rising temperatures.

Saturday looks terrific with sunshine burning through morning fog and mixing with high-altitude clouds, temperatures will rise into the 50s south and 40s north. In a pattern of temperature extremes though — where record high temperatures continued to our south even as we snowed — neither warm nor cold air is ever that far away.

By Saturday night and Sunday morning, cold air oozing southward from Canada will likely be well established enough for our next system Saturday night through Sunday to fall as snow to sleet in northern New England, brief snow/sleet to rain in central New England and plain rain in southern New England, accompanied by a gusty onshore wind.

Rain departs Sunday evening and next week starts bright and mild... though cool air slowly battles back until a larger storm may bring rain or snow — and a chance of coastal flooding — by late next week in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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