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Cold and Bright Before Ocean Effect Snow Arrives

Our cold weekend continues with highs well below average

There are a few high clouds around on this Sunday but expect most of the day to be dry and bright, especially away from the coastline. 

Our cold weekend continues with highs well below average; we don’t even make it to the freezing mark.

A vigorous storm system will wreak havoc in the Mid-Atlantic states and pass to our south, as it does so, the wind will shift out of the north-northeast creating some ocean effect snow showers that will impact southeastern Massachusetts, including the Islands this evening and Monday with accumulations of less than an inch.

Monday morning’s commute along Route 3, Route 24 and Interstate 495 in Plymouth County could be impacted with reduced visibilities, so if you live around the South Shore or have to use those roads tomorrow, give yourself extra time.

High pressure will build into the area Tuesday, so dry and stable conditions will prevail with temperatures gradually on the rise by mid-week, with highs near 40 on Wednesday.

A cold front will drop from Canada with limited moisture but enough for snow showers over the mountains and Northern New England. There’s even a slight chance for flurries over the Hills in Worcester County.

Behind this front, temperatures drop once again, and highs will be in the 30s.

Cold air will be in place as our next storm system develops and approaches from the west, so there is a chance for a wintry mix and snow on Friday, and then another storm will be on its heels leaving us a good chance of more unsettled weather next weekend. It’s too early to make a call about who gets what and how much, so make sure to stay tuned for the latest developments.

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