Cold Lingering in New England With Snow Expected in Mountains

Cold is relenting Friday for a noticeably more comfortable weekend in New England.

While the cold may no longer be dangerous with frostbite threat, it’s still certainly stinging with daytime highs Friday in the 20s south and 10s north. Wind chill values will be in the single digits at the warmest time of the afternoon.

Nonetheless, a change in the air is underway and will accelerate as the wind increases from the southwest Saturday, pushing temperatures into the 30s after a single digit start above and below zero.

Gradual melting will help to naturally clean up the roads, where any patchy ice lingers. Although, black ice due to refreezing is possible Saturday night.

Anytime new, milder air collides with a pre-existing chill, we usually see either a storm development or at least plenty of clouds. This time, the latter will be the case with clouds likely to outweigh sun on both weekend days.

One energetic disturbance aloft will deliver snow showers on Saturday to the mountains of northern New England with 1-to-3 inches of new mountain snow.

But these snow showers will have trouble surviving as far south as central and southern New England. The next chance of some mixed showers on a larger scale coming perhaps Sunday overnight with a surge of warmer and moister air.

By Monday, the new, mild air is in place with high temperatures around 50 for many as a storm center organizes over the Great Lakes and increases the southerly wind here at home. This will then deliver some showers and continued mild temperatures in the 50s on Tuesday before a sharp cold front likely knocks winter back into New England for midweek.

A follow-up storm center moves through us at the end of next week, but with colder air battling back by that point, it’s possible we see mixed precipitation before likely shipping out for the start of next weekend in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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