Merrimack Valley

Utility Working to Restore Gas Service After Explosions

Rene Czarnowski is among the many making adjustments following the Merrimack Valley gas line fires and explosions.

"I'm not taking a hot shower. I can't cook a meal. I can't do laundry. There's no heat," Czarnowski said.

Columbia Gas recently released maps on when every street will be gas-ready. In order for a home to be gas-ready, the main line that brings gas to the area and the service line connecting homes to the main line have to be replaced.

Gilbert street, where Czarnowski lives, isn't on the list of gas-ready homes. Columbia Gas says it was a mistake and that everyone on the road will be gas-ready by Oct. 15.

"Fifteenth, maybe," Czarnowski said. "We'll see. Nobody's contacted us."

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