Community Celebrates ‘Ellie-Ween' as 6-Year-Old Trick-or-Treats

A 6-year-old girl missed Halloween this year as she battled cancer at Boston Children's Hospital. But this Thanksgiving, family friends are making sure she gets her treats.

Ellie Bauer was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in April, and she's been fighting the illness since. So when family friends in Newbury heard the first thing the first grader wanted to do when she was discharged from the hospital was go trick-or-treating, they made sure to make it happen.

Heidi Roy says she sent a quick text, and soon, family and friends had gotten the decorations out of the basement and the kids had dug out their costumes.

"We didn't want her to just come to one house, say 'trick or treat' and get candy," said Roy. "That wouldn't be fun. We had to make it a real Halloween. We're going call it 'Elli-ween.'"

Ten families on a cul-de-sac handed out candy to Ellie, dressed as Cinderella, her sister, dressed as Elsa, and her baby brother, dressed as a tiger. Then there were nearly two dozen neighborhood kids, some Ellie's classmates, that joined in on the fun.

"What a thankful Thanksgiving we're going to have," Ellie's father said. "We're in quarantine. We're not allowed to see family and friends, no one is allowed inside our house. But to have five of us around the dinner table at home after being in the hospital for seven weeks straight, it will be great, awesome day."

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