New Hampshire

Concern of 3-Year-Old Boy Leads to Rescue of Elderly Neighbor Trapped in Basement

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A 3-year-old New Hampshire boy's concern led police to find and rescue an elderly neighbor who was trapped in her basement for three days.

A woman in Hampton was walking with her young son, Eyas, when he asked to bring his neighbor's newspaper up to her porch Wednesday afternoon, police said.

When the boy brought up the paper, he noticed multiple other newspapers sitting on the porch. The boy told his mother, according to police.

After the resident did not answer the phone or the door, police responded to the home and found her trapped in a small corridor in her basement.

Police said the woman was in good spirits despite being trapped for more than three days. She was taken to Portsmouth Hospital with minor injuries.

The Hampton Police Department thanked the boy and reminded the public to check on elderly or vulnerable people.

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