Michael Rosenfield

Concertgoers Battle the Heat Ahead of the Boston Pops Show

The sun setting over the Charles River was a welcome sight for the thousands waiting for the Boston Pops 4th of July show in Boston.

"Now it's a relief," said Amy Walker, a tourist from Florida. "We feel much better."

Concertgoers did whatever they could to fight the heat in the hours leading up to the start of the show on Wednesday.

"I thought it would be miserable," said Michelle Fortune of East Bridgewater. "It's not that bad."

Not that bad for some, but for others, it was a sweaty mess.

"I'm melting," said concertgoer Nasia Bachman-Streitfield. "I feel like beef jerky, dehydrated, but trying to stay under the umbrella and shade, and drink plenty of water."

Despite the scorching temperatures Wednesday, many still got out to the Esplanade early to find just the right spot.

"It's a little hot," said concertgoer Sarah Edwards.

Edwards and her friend Cooper had a plan. They set down their American flag towel, then went to the movies and came back a few hours later.

"We picked our spot strategically...near the shade and screen...and set up," Edwards said.

Natalie Batts got to the Esplanade to get her spot at 10 a.m. on Wednesday. She's a regular and she's loving it, trying to absorb as much of the warm summer weather as possible.

"Time is going by, winter, fall season is around the corner, enjoy it while we can," Batts said.

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