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Connecticut Mayor Knows How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Danbury mayor Mark Boughton is a superfan when it comes to The Walking Dead and isn’t afraid to make it known

The biggest Walking Dead fan in New England might be an elected official in Connecticut who takes zombies as seriously as his Twitter feed.

Danbury mayor Mark Boughton is a superfan when it comes to The Walking Dead and isn’t afraid to make it known. It is just one of the many things you can find him talking about in his Twitter feed each day.

Boughton has almost 29,000 followers with whom he shares his love for binge-worthy television. Unlike many politicians who play it safe, Boughton lets his personality shine on social media.

"Most politicians use Twitter and they just keep tweeting out press release after press release,” he said while watching and tweeting about the season seven midseason finale of The Walking Dead. “If you really want people to know who you are, you let them into your world"

Zombies are a big part of Boughton’s world both in entertainment and in the real world. He even has an official emergency plan for a zombie apocalypse, and has trained a small group of citizens how to fight off zombies.

Boughton’s passion for zombies, and the popular AMC series with them, landed him on web headlines after he jokingly cancelled Halloween in the state after a couple of his favorite characters were brutally murdered in the season seven premiere.

He added in a delayed opening for schools and memorial service for good measure. Some people got the joke, but some people truly believed he would cancel a holiday over a television show.

Boughton doesn’t mind naysayers on social media and will gladly engage in a good debate over any policy issue. He just also really likes joking around and having some laughs on Twitter to unwind.

"I make very important decisions every day that literally affect thousands of people. If I can kind of bury myself for an hour into a show, it is very fun and a great stress relief for me."

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