Convicted Child Rapist Arrested in Rhode Island Over Marriage License

A convicted child rapist whose residency in Rhode Island has caused controversy has been arrested weeks after being released from prison.

Law enforcement sources told WJAR that Richard Gardner will be charged with two misdemeanors after he allegedly put a Massachusetts address on his marriage license when he was actually living in Providence, which is reportedly a probation violation.

Cranston police confirmed Gardner's arrest warrant stemmed from using "fraudulent activity" when he applied for a marriage certificate at Cranston City Hall.

Gardner was released last month following a lengthy legal fight to keep him behind bars after he served 30 years for kidnapping and raping boys in the 1980s in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

He was married in the backyard of a Cranston home days after his prison release, and has registered as a sex offender in Providence.

He's expected to be arraigned at Cranston Municipal Court Friday afternoon. It's unclear if he has an attorney for this arrest.

Gardner's move into a Providence neighborhood sparked a massive backlash from residents, prompting a police detail to watch the 52-year-old registered sex offender at all times.

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