Cool Air to Spill Into New England for St. Patrick's Day

The leading edge of warmer and more moist air – called a warm front in the world of meteorology – moved through New England with some showers and even a few thunderstorms Friday morning.

This opened the door to a day of gusty southerly wind to 45 for some, and temperatures rising to around 60 for many.

Although the warmth won’t last long with an approaching cold front moving east from New York State later Friday, it’s warm enough to raise concern through Saturday for ice jams on smaller northern New England rivers. The concern grows more particularly in Vermont, where melting ice may break into chunks and become lodged at bends or bridges on their way downstream.

Elsewhere, Friday showers should wane during the evening as they consolidate to southeast New England, where rain will finally end overnight as partial clearing moves in. Saturday brings a gusty wind again but this time with a cooling wind from the west that will hold temperatures near 50 degrees from start to finish.

Cooler temperatures in the mountains will allow snow showers to develop at the start of the weekend.

As dry and cool air continues to spill into New England, sunshine is expected for St. Patrick’s Day Sunday, though high temperatures near 40 will combine with a steady breeze to hold wind chill values in the 30s at the warmest time of day.

Next week looks seasonable as we cross the threshold to 12 hours of daylight on Monday while missing a weak storm to the south.

Astronomical spring starts Wednesday evening, coincident with a possible disturbance that could deliver a few showers. Otherwise, next week looks seasonable in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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