Cool to Remain Over New England for Several Days

A push of colder air is happening now in much of eastern New England. You’re going to want to grab a jacket because it’s a pretty chilly start Wednesday morning.

Patchy fog burns off quickly with plenty of sunshine for most on Wednesday. High temperatures are in the 50s in Maine. Elsewhere, we’re in the 60s, and maybe just low 60s near the coast.

The freezing level is down to about 5000 feet and with that kind cold air coming across the water, we have ocean affect clouds, sort of like a winter time situation. Spotty few rain showers will hover over southeastern New England.

Wind along the coast from the northeast is gusting past 25 mph, with much less wind away from the shore.

This cool high-pressure system from Canada is going to sit over us for several days and gradually warm up. Tuesday was a record 103 degrees in Montgomery, Alabama, the hottest latest on record there.

Warm-to-hot air is going to come around the high-pressure system through southern Canada and into New England this weekend.

But that’s only after one more cold night. A widespread frost and freeze is likely in much of central and northern New England Tuesday night under a mostly clear sky. Low temperatures will be in the 30s and 20s north, 40s and 30s south. The wind should be calm with patchy valley fog again.

This high-pressure system also protects us from any energy in the tropics. Hurricane Humberto is heading towards Bermuda, and Tropical Storm Imelda is dissipating with flooding rain near Texas and Louisiana. Way out at sea east of the Lesser Antilles, Tropical Depression Ten is intensifying into Tropical Storm Jerry.

Sunshine Thursday in New England will get the temperature back up to near 70 degrees. Temps will be getting back into the 80s for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Wind diminishes to be light and variable with a local onshore breeze beginning Friday. But on Friday, the ocean is going to be riled up. We may have a 10-to-15-foot groundswell from Cape Cod to Maine, as Hurricane Humberto makes its past closest to New England, probably about 350 miles to our east.

The next rain shower activity probably waits until the Autumnal equinox on Monday, when we should still be in the 80s with a chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Right now, it does not look like any big rains on the way, but maybe the remnant of Imelda brings some heavier downpours to parts in New England by the middle of next week as temperatures remain above the climatological average here in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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