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Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski Considering Senate Run

"If I run, I would be a voice for all the people of NH," he said in a text message

A former Trump campaign manager who remains a prominent supporter of the president's is considering a run for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire.

Corey Lewandowski was part of President Donald Trump's campaign from the beginning until he was ousted several months before the 2016 general election. The New Hampshire native could challenge Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, one of two Democrats representing the state in the Senate, in next year's election.

"Jeannie Shaheen has failed the people of NH by voting in lock step with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi," he said in a text message to NBC10 Boston. "The people of NH deserve better. If I run, I would be a voice for all the people of NH."

Additionally, he told NBC News of a possible Senate run, "I'm going to look at it very seriously," but said he isn't sure about the timing. He told Fox News he was looking "very hard" at a possible run.

Lewandowski lives in Windham, New Hampshire, and has remained a prominent supporter of Trump's since after the campaign, frequently appearing on Fox News to discuss Trump and politics.

Trump will visit nearby Manchester in mid-August for a "Keep America Great" rally.

The state Democratic party said there was a major contrast between Lewandowski, who went into lobbying after Trump's election, and Shaheen.

"Corey Lewandowski is a craven lobbyist who has been credibly accused of assault many times and is chomping at the bit to strip away Granite Staters' health care. Meanwhile, Shaheen is making a difference for New Hampshire families, leading efforts in the Senate to expand access to health care and taking on the big drug companies to lower the costs of prescription drugs," party spokesman Josh Marcus-Blank said in a statement.

Despite his ouster from the Trump campaign in 2016, Lewandowski has remained close to the president. In one rally last year, Trump called Lewandowski on stage and praised him for not being a "pushover" or a "patsy."

While the Democrats control both of New Hampshire's U.S. Senate seats as well as both houses of its legislature, Gov. Chris Sununu is a Republican and the state's voters are known for being politically centrist.

Shaheen was first elected to the Senate in 2009, after serving as the state's governor — the first American woman to serve both roles.

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